5 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Even in our modern times when dentistry has evolved in so many ways, many people are still scared of visiting a dentist. The image of a dentist with his weird gadgets in his hands still scares a lot of patients.  For many, dental procedures are carried out in painful operations. 

While it is true that many dental operations are painful, there is nothing to worry about them. Today, sedation dentistry is commonly being performed for patients who will undergo procedures that are otherwise painful to endure. Here are top reasons to consider sedation dentistry: 

Strong Gag Reflex:  

The gag reflex is the contraction of muscles at the back of the throat. If you have a strong gag reflex, the dentist cannot perform what he needs to do inside your mouth. To perform a dental procedure, you need to come back many times to the dentists if your gag reflex is not cooperating.  Oral sedation prevents this from happening. 

Numbness difficulty:  

If you have a history of the inefficiency of topical and injected numbing agents, then oral sedation dentistry provides an effective solution.  Sedation dentistry can make your muscles numb better than before. 

Extensive surgery:  

It is quite impossible for anyone to be seated in the dental chair with his mouth open for hours. It can be very numbing, inconvenient, and painful. If you will undergo extensive and long dental procedures, you will be given sedation so that you will not feel the pain and you will not have scary memories of the procedure. 

Low pain tolerance:  

Some people have a hard time fighting off pain. The mere sight of dentist’s tools can make some patients uneasy and uncomfortable.  Most of the time, dental procedures become painful because of teeth sensitivity. Whatever the cause of the pain, sedation dentistry can give a viable solution. 


USNews.com reported that almost 3% of the entire population in every country has iatrophobia – the medical name for fear of doctors. If you are one of them, getting a dental procedure is still possible through dental sedation. So even if you are nervous, you can still have t  he dental procedure done. 

Fear and pain can accompany your visit to the dentist. Don’t let it hamper your right to have a great smile and a healthy body in general. Many dentist Ontario ca are using sedation dentistry to help their patients achieve their dream smiles.